We're very sorry to say that we're unable to take on any new customers right now. Please click here for our Ebay shop to buy our reconditioned, pre-loved buggies. Please keep checking back for more stock or get in touch to see what will be available soon.

Take it from us, having children is expensive and comes with a long list of things that we need to buy. One of the most expensive purchases is the buggy, which can cost more than a second hand car! As our little ones grow and our families expand, that expensive newborn buggy quickly becomes redundant, and we face yet another large expense. 

We naturally want the best for our children. Safety and comfort are paramount in making this decision, which is why we only offer the best quality brands. Buggi is here to provide an affordable and flexible subscription service which allows your family to grow without facing the financial penalty of purchasing a new buggy each time. 
Don't buy, subscribe!