Babies are the future

The carbon footprint of a child is estimated to be 58.6 tonnes a year!

We all want the very best for our babies, but buying new can mean a considerable cost to both parents and the environment!

But what if 'used' didn't mean compromising on quality, hygiene, or the environment?

15% of all buggies end up in the landfill.

At Buggi, we offer a sustainable option for premium pushchairs, prolonging the life of buggies through our subscription system.

For a monthly payment, you get a premium product, delivered to your door, with the satisfaction of knowing it's been thoroughly checked by the experts.

Returned buggies are repaired and reconditioned by the UK’s leading buggy servicing and repair specialist, reducing the amount of buggies that end up in the landfill, without compromising on quality.

Our Buggies go through a Grade A reconditioning service

We don’t compromise on quality, hygiene, or the environment.

Take a look at our range of premium buggies today, and consider joining the Buggi revolution.