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One of the crucial ways to improve global sustainability is by minimising consumption and waste.
Unbelievably, the average environmental toll, or carbon footprint, of a child is estimated to be 58.6 tonnes of CO2 equivalent emissions per year*. Despite the fact that high quality buggies are designed to last several years, the reality is that most people don't use them for their full life capacity, and consequently many end up in landfill, or are gathering dust in the attic.
We at Buggi are proud to be reducing our carbon footprints through our subscription service and ongoing professional cleaning, servicing and refurbishment program, partnering with Buggy Pitstop. This allows us to prolong the useful life of our buggies and reduce wastage. See our page 'What is reconditioned?' for more information on this. 
In addition, at a suitable time through our buggy life cycles, we intend to donate our buggies to charitable causes.
*Research undertaken by Lund University, Sweden.