Buggi provides professionally reconditioned buggies. One of our core values is to reduce waste by prolonging the life of our buggies, which is why we only work with the best brands that are designed to last.  That's why we offer reconditioned as a more sustainable option, however we do offer the option of brand new (additional charges apply).

We are proud to have teamed up with Buggy Pitstop, the UK’s leading buggy repair and servicing specialist, with over a decade of experience. They also work directly with many of the major buggy brands for making repairs under the manufacturer warranties.


Our reconditioned buggies are ex-display or pre-used, and are either the very latest version of the model or the prior version if there have not been significant changes. Fear not - this isn’t your typical used buggy. All our used buggies undergo the full Buggy Pitstop service (think of it as an M.O.T. plus full valet service), which includes:

  • Full service of all moving parts
  • Rigorous 6-point safety check
  • Replacement of any parts necessary
  • Adjustment, tightening and lubrication of chassis
  • Extensive deep clean of all fabrics including steam clean
  • Wash and polish of wheels

As well as safety, we take hygiene very seriously and lab tests have proven the full service kills up to 99.9% of bacteria and mould. All our buggies undergo a thorough quality control process by a specialist who will approve the buggies to ensure we only provide the very best reconditioned products.