I'm ready to sign up. How does it work?

That's great! To sign up, create an account by clicking log in at the top right corner of our website. Once you've completed setting up your account, signing up involves selecting your buggy from our products page and picking your desired delivery date. The standard buggy is reconditioned, however we do offer the option for a brand new buggy (additional charges apply). One of our team will verify your details and contact you directly to arrange delivery free of charge.

What is a reconditioned buggy?

This will be an ex-display or used buggy, which is either the very latest version of the chosen model, or the prior version if there have not been any significant changes. All of our reconditioned buggies are subject to professional reconditioning and cleaning by specialist Buggy Pitstop.

How are you dealing with hygiene in the current climate?

As part of the reconditioning process, all our buggies undergo a thorough deep clean using specialist equipment by Buggy Pitstop. Lab tests have proven the cleaning process kills 99.9% of bacteria.

What is the length of the contract?

The minimum contract is for six months, however we offer flexibility for you to change your Buggi model at any time during this contract - if so you will need to take out a new 6-month contract on an alternative model.

What happens after 6 months?

After the 6 months have passed, you can either return your Buggi to us (we will collect it free of charge) or keep it on a rolling monthly subscription, which can be terminated anytime with 30 days notice, just drop us an email.

How do payments work?

Payments are made by monthly direct debit. The first payment is taken upon signing-up, and your second payment will be taken a month after taking delivery of your Buggi. Subsequent payments will be taken on the same day of every month thereafter.

What is the security deposit?

No deposit is required, but you are held responsible if there are damages beyond fair wear-and-tear that are beyond repair (scratches, scuffs & scrapes through everyday use are totally fine). Please see our Terms of service for more information.

We highly recommend that you add your Buggi to your home or contents insurance for extra peace of mind to insure against loss or theft.

Will I get charged for any damage?

We only charge for any damages that are beyond reasonable wear and tear. Prior to receiving your buggy, a full condition survey is undertaken noting any imperfections. Upon receiving your buggy, if you note any additional issues, please notify us as soon as possible. When you've returned your buggy, our partners Buggy Pitstop will carry out a full check and ensure any damage is due to reasonable wear and tear, rather than misuse. If the damage caused is deemed to be through misuse and the buggy is unable to be repaired, you will be liable for the full replacement cost.

How do I change my Buggi to a different model?

Simply contact one of our team who can arrange this for you. Any model changes will be subject to a new 6-month contract.

Will you deliver my Buggi?

Yes, upon order we will arrange the delivery for your desired date, or as soon as possible, free of charge. We can typically have your Buggi delivered within five working days, but certain products have a longer lead-in time due to the impact of Covid-19.

How long does it take to deliver?

We aim to deliver within 5 working days of confirming your order and upon receiving payment, if you need it as soon as possible.

Do you provide accessories?

The subscription includes the Buggi and its standard accessories (please see each product page for exact details). We do not provide any additional accessories or modifications.

Can I pick my colour?

The colour options currently available are limited to grey or black, with a couple of additions to specific brands - we will confirm this with you once we have run our credit checks.

What happens if there is something wrong with my Buggi?

If the product is not performing as it should because of manufacturer defect, we take full responsibility for arranging repairs or providing a replacement.

What happens to my Buggi products after they are returned?
  1. They undergo full reconditioning, including a professional deep clean and service and a replacement of parts as necessary.
  2. They are then re-circulated under a new subscription.
  3. Finally, we donate our buggies at an appropriate time through their life cycle so they can continue to live in a new loving home. See Our ethics page for more information.
Is there any option to purchase my Buggi at any point?

There is no option to purchase, as this forms the stock that we will be using for recirculating to other families.