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Welcome to Buggi!

We’re here to revolutionise the buggy industry by providing a more affordable, flexible and sustainable alternative to buying premium buggies.

Taking you from newborn through to toddler, our subscriptions give you the flexibility to switch from a pram with a carrycot, to a more lightweight and compact stroller, to a double, or even a running buggy, and everything in between! This allows you to always have the most suitable, safe and highest quality product for yourself and your children, whilst also cutting your carbon footprint!

We've made our signing-up process as simple and stress-free as possible with our clear and detailed product listings, allowing you to pre-order your buggy at the click of a button. We will take care of the rest!

Let’s help shape the future for ourselves and our little ones.

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Our story

Jackie is a qualified GP living in London with her husband, daughter and dog. Her personal experience led to the creation of Buggi.

Buggi started out as a bit of a bug-bear, where Jackie and her husband were preparing for the birth of their first child, Lila, and went through the usual ritual of collating a huge shopping list for baby items. They were keen to get the best quality products possible but particularly struggled with the most expensive item on the list - the buggy.

They tried to find the ‘perfect’ one, but one simply just didn’t do it all, or at least not for long. With no success, they decided to take it into their own hands - and after bouncing ideas around friends and family, one finally stuck. Buggi was born.

Dr Jackie Lenders (co-founder), Lila, Alex & Pablo



Our Team

Dr Jackie Lenders (co-founder)

Managing Director

Helping us stay true to ourselves

Sophie Austen (co-founder)

Head of Branding and Social Media

Helping us look and feel like us

Roshan Ramlugun (co-founder)

Head of Business Development and Finance

Helping us grow and develop

Alex Druttman (co-founder)

Head of Operations

Making sure everything runs smoothly

Ollie Druttman

Head of PR

Helping us spread the word

James Pellington

Head of Marketing

Helping us be found